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SPHK:s rasklubbar har enligt stadgarna till uppgift att inom SPHKs målsättning: -Väcka intresse för och främja avel av mentalt och fysiskt, bruksmässigt samt exteriört fullgoda hundar. -Verka för att rasens särprägel bevaras. Allt i enlighet med rasstandard Alaskan malamute är ingen enmanshund och är vänlig mot människor. Den kan vara dominant mot andra hundar och den kräver ett konsekvent ledarskap. Rasen saknar vaktinstinkt. Alaskan malamute har framavlats för att arbeta som slädhund i polartrakter och då inte för snabba löp utan för att dra tung last. Storlek och utseend

Alaskan Malamute är en av fyra polarhundsraser. De andra är Siberian Husky, Grönlandshund och Samojed. Alla de polara raserna har urspungligen använts som draghundar och är ganska små raser i Sverige. Störst av ovanstående är Siberian Husky. Mina Alaskan Malamute. Jag har haft Alaskan Malamute i 10 år Alaskan malamute är en hundras från USA.Den har sitt namn efter den inuitiska folkgruppen malemiut eller kuuvangmiut som lever vid Kotzebuesundet och i Kobuk Valley i nordvästra Alaska.Rasnamnet är alltså nybyggarnas tolkning av inuiternas namn på sig själva. Malamuten är en nordlig slädhundsspets och polarhund.Även om de flesta malamuter i dag används som sällskapshundar, så är. Det är svårt att säga exakt hur mycket motion en malamute kräver eftersom alla hundar är individer, men 1-2 timmars daglig promenad Hoppa till innehåll SPHK - Alaskan malamute

The Alaskan Malamute the native alaskan arctic breed and comes in 9 different Standard Colors with 2 Markings. Rocky Mountain Malamutes is located at the National San Juan Forest, near the beautiful little town Dolores in Colorado. We raise our dogs on our little ranch and enjoy 12 acres space of grass, trails, hills and fresh Colorado Country air. All [ Legends Alaskan Malamutes has some of the finest Alaskan Malamute puppies available. Legends Alaskan Malamutes breedings are concentrated on health, temperament and size. You will find superior support and service for your Legends Alaskan Malamute puppy Kelly's Giant Alaskan Malamutes, has a 98% Customer satisfaction rate. We have the highest ranking among those customers who own multiple dogs from our programs. Because one Kelly's is never enough! We are a small Breeder of only Alaskan Malamute puppies for sale . Welcome to our Team Breeder of high quality Giant Alaskan Malamutes and Caucasian Ovcharka Puppies. The kennel also accepts lodging and can help in the rehabilitation of Giant Canines

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  1. På de hur sidorna kan du läsa mer om vad Svenska Kennelklubben går och för en inblick i hur vår stora organisation är uppbyggd
  2. Nov 17, 2017 - Explore Rhianna Davis's board Giant Alaskan Malamutes, followed by 178 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Giant alaskan malamute, Alaskan malamute, Malamute
  3. ner om en varg till utseendet och är en stor, imponerande hund med typiska spetsegenskaper (en svans som ofta kröker sig över ryggen, en mycket tjock päls, uppåtstående öron och ett kilformat huvud). En fullvuxen hane är 64-71 cm i mankhöjd, tiken 58-66 cm, och de väger 38-56 kg

FUR, FUN AND MORE FUR - One of Animal Watch's funniest episodes. Anneka revisits Lorna of Artic Rainbow Malamutes in order to find out exactly how to groom o.. As it is, an 80-100 lbs Alaskan Malamute is a force to be reckoned with. Another thing to keep in mind, the larger the dog, usually the shorter the lifespan, and possibly more health issues later in life. Still, even Giant Malamutes are extremely healthy and powerful dogs and also have an average life expectancy of 10-12 years How much is a Giant Alaskan Malamute puppy? A Giant Alaskan Malamute puppy - Image source. Depending on the breeder, the dog's color, size, and gender, Giant Malamutes can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, and they can get as expensive as $6,500! If you find a cheaper pup, consider it as a red flag

By comparison, the giant Alaskan Malamute is heavier and taller than the standard Alaskan Malamute. An adult giant Alaskan Malamute stands proudly at 35 inches and could weigh up to 190 pounds. However, further research suggests that most registries do not recognize the giant Alaskan Malamute as a separate breed from the standard Alaskan Malamute Appearance - Giant Alaskan Malamute. This is where the difference between Giant Alaskan Malamute and standard Malamute lies. As per the kennel clubs like AKC standard Alaskan Malamute male dog can grow to a height of 25 inches and weigh approx 85 pounds whereas a female dog can grow to a height of 23 inches and weigh approx 75 pounds.. Giant Alaskan malamutes, on the other hand, are known to. Redan vid upptäckten av Alaska i mitten av 1700-talet berättade ryska valfångare och pälsjägare om inuitfolkets (malamuter) starka draghundar. I slutet på 1800-talet ökade invandringen till området. Man upptäckte inuiternas effektiva draghundar men det nydanade kapplöpningsintresset medförde att draghundsförare köpte upp alla hundar de kom över och korsade dem för att få fram. Alaskan malamute från alla köp & sälj marknader i Sverige. Hitta billigaste Alaskan malamute hos AllaAnnonse

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  1. Using the AKC Alaskan Malamute standard as my guideline, I breed for structure, temperament, health, and type, and complete the recommended health checks and clearances for the breed. I intend to do everything within my power to ensure that my puppies thrive in whatever homes or activities they might tackle
  2. All About Blaze - Alaskan Malamute For Adoption in Portland OR ♥ Name of Pet: Blaze ♥ Location: Portland, OR, 97202 ♥ Type of Pet: Dog ♥ Breed of Pet: Alaskan Malamute ♥ Color / Coat Type: Black/Gray/White Medium Length ♥ Age of Pet: 7 ♥ Size of Pet: 110 lbs ♥ Health Problems: No ♥ Behavior Issues: Yes Howling when I leave the apartment due to separation anxiety
  3. Nov 27, 2015 - Explore David Riedle's board giant Alaskan malamutes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Giant alaskan malamute, Alaskan malamute, Malamute

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  1. The Alaskan Malamute (/ ˈ m æ l ə ˌ m j uː t /) is a large breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) originally bred for their strength and endurance to haul heavy freight as a sled dog and hound. They are similar to other arctic, husky, and spitz breeds such as the Greenland Dog, Canadian Eskimo Dog, the Siberian Husky, and the Samoye
  2. Just playing with mommy! Source : Unknown, Pls share If you know! SUBSCRIBE us for more: https://www.youtube.com/c/ViralPaws?sub_confirmation=1 Viral Paws on..
  3. Trying to do a Malamute vs Husky comparison? The Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky are so similar in appearance that many people cannot tell them apart, especially if they've never owned either of these breeds. Not only that, these dogs both have history in Alaska where they were used to pull sleds. Although the two breeds have a lot in common, there are a number of differences that set.
  4. Alaskan Malamute en förvillande lika på ett sätt på en ulv. Extra information om alaskan malamute: Prognoser ålder för en alaskan malamute är 12 till 15 år. Antalet valpar som är födda är från 4 till 6 valper. Rasen är attraktiv och lätt å hitta ads. Alaskan Malamute bilder. Liknande hundraser. Här är valda hundraser viss du.
  5. flock. Jag kommer lägga in små berättelser om flocken och deras äventyr lite då och då

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Akc Giant Alaskan Malamute Breeder located Bedford Virginia, we do Ship See more at http://www.mountainridgemalamutes.co Giant Alaskan Malamute puppy adoption application. Giant Alaskan Malamute breeder of some of the finest bred Giant Alaskan Malamutes found today Our Dams (females) are the offspring of proven Giant lines. Like their parents before them, Kelly's is one of the most advanced scientific Alaskan Malamute research programs in the world today. Offering, semen delivery. Artificial insemination programs and our genetic line to some of the largest Breeders all over the world of Giant Alaskan. Welcome!! We are breeders of Giant Alaskan Malamute puppies, Siberian Husky puppies, & Samoyed puppies. We have Giant Alaskan Malamute puppies, Siberian Husky puppies, & Samoyed puppies for sale. We are a family establishment and have some of the tallest, largest, and healthiest Giant Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, & Samoyeds in the U.S.!

Gentle Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies All colors: black & white, gray & white, red & white, white Thumper, Titled Weight Puller IWPA Working Dog Superior 2004-2005 AMCA Nationals 120+ lb Champion - 2006 & 2007 Champions - not just champion bloodlines. Hi!! My name is Jolene Welcome to my kennel The Alaskan Malamute hаѕ а life expectancy оf 10 tо 12 years. It саn bе troubled frоm microphthalmia, patellar luxation, epilepsy, renal cortical hypoplasia, VKH-like syndrome, polyneuropathy, entropion, аnd degenerative eye problems giant alaskan malamute puppies in California at AmericanListed.com - Classifieds across California. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - giant alaskan malamute puppies listings Vi är med i Svenska Kennelklubben och som i liten skala föder upp Alaskan Malamute och Siberian Husky. Vi tränar och tävlar i drag och ställer ut ibland. Men vårt stora intresse är fjällturer. Våra hundar är också våra familjemedlemmar och får därmed turas om att vara inomhus och ligga i soffan. Och vi får njuta av deras kärlek Giant Alaskan malamute Temperament. Although this dog is ready for action and also love physical challenges, these dogs can also be cuddly and affectionate to their owners. Their one main trait is food aggression this is a special character of this breed that helped their ancestors survive in the world

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  1. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1935, the Malamute has a wide chest and strong muscles meant for pulling. As the Giant Alaskan Malamute was born to live in cold climates, they have a course overcoat of fur with a downy undercoat beneath for extra protection
  2. For many years the Giant Alaskan Malamute has been known and speculated to be up to 200 lbs or more. With no actual proof of any of these malamute's true weights and no vet scale weights on any of these supposed alaskan malamutes - these phantom malamutes are not known to truly weigh these weights
  3. But let's look at Giant Alaskan Malamute size vs Alaskan Malamute size to get an understanding of the difference.. The AKC list the Alaskan Malamute size range between 23 and 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs 75 and 85 pounds. Given the AKC don't recognise Giant Alaskan Malamutes, there's no breed standard for these oversized sled dogs

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  1. Giant Alaskan Malamute Breeder/Puppies In Virginia, We Raise Beautiful Healthy Strong Alaskan Malamutes, Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes & Alaskan Malamute Breeder/MtnRidgeMalamutes, Alaskan Malamute puppies for sale, Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes, Woolly Alaskan Malamutes, MTN Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes, Located in Virginia,Giant Alaskan Malamute Breeder,Giant Alaskan.
  2. Malamute, No more looking for more Mals here, calling all Northern breeds huskies, a bit like like calling all tissue Kleenex. Giant Malamutes? one of ours is an oversize female, larger than the Mal standard, tall & 130 lbs. Someone gave up on her, pulled from high kill shelter (number was up) to a rescue, powerful dog and so happy to have her
  3. Welcome to Exotic Giant Dog Kennels The Alaskan Malamute is believed to be a descendant of the domesticated wolf-dogs who accompanied the Paleolithic hunters who crossed the land bridges of the Bering Strait and and migrated into the North American continent roughly 4,000 years ago
  4. Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Malamute Breeder Located In Virginia but we do Ship,We have the True M'Loot Bloodlines, Raised Inside Our Home and are included as part of our family from day on
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giant alaskan malamute puppies in Virginia at AmericanListed.com - Classifieds across Virginia. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - giant alaskan malamute puppies listings Super Giant Size Alaskan Malamute. 142 likes. Product/Servic Alaskan malamute valpar från alla köp & sälj marknader i Sverige. Hitta billigaste Alaskan malamute valpar hos AllaAnnonse Breeder of Alaskan Malamutes / Alaskan Malamute Puppies Giant Alaskan Malamutes / Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies Alabama AL Alaska AK Arizona AZ Arkansas AR California CA Colorado CO Connecticut CT Delaware DE Florida FL Georgia GA Hawaii HI Idaho ID Illinois IL Indiana IN Iowa IA Kansas KS Kentucky KY Louisiana LA Maine ME Marylan

The owner love and care for puppies [], Alaskan Malamute puppies' price could range from just $500 to more than $3,000. This is the most important and significant determinant on the specific Alaskan Malamute price. The Giant Alaskan Malamute was first discovered in the 1700s by settlers exploring Alaska. Located in Northeastern Ohio Your search for Giant Alaskan Malamute puppies for sale in Kentucky is over! ***** NOW ACCEPTING DEPOSITS ***** Stryker and Kodiak's litter is right around the corner and should be here around late summer of 2020. Email us now or. Check. The Alaskan Malamute (/ ˈ m æ l ə ˌ m j uː t /) is a large breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) originally bred for their strength and endurance to haul heavy freight as a sled dog and hound. They are similar to other arctic, husky, and spitz breeds such as the Greenland Dog, Canadian Eskimo Dog, the Siberian Husky, and the Samoyed 31 ม.ค. 2019 - สำรวจบอร์ด Giant Alaskan Malamute ของ Art'ist Songwut บน Pinterest ดูไอเดียเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ สุนัข, อลาสกัน มาลามิวท์, สัตว์เลี้ย The Alaskan Malamute remained in Alaska uninhibited until the discovery of gold in the state at the very end of the 19th century. Due to that finding, many people from all over the world flocked to the area in hopes of becoming rich

Alaskan Malamute Puppies for SALE ₱100,000.00 (Fixed__) Now accepting reservation Reservation fee - 20,000 We have 5 white and 3 black & white 4 male & 4 female Island born Black & White - 100k (fixed) Pure White - 150k (slightly negotiable) No lawballers allowed! strictly by.. This is not just indicative with Giant Alaskan Malamute breeders but is applicable to breeders of all dog breeds. However, there has never been more drama and deception in our experience then there is in the Giant Alaskan Malamute world Velkommen til Norsk Alaskan Malamute Klubbs nettsider! På disse sidene finner du informasjon om rasen, oppdrettere, valper og aktiviteter som arrangeres i regi av klubben. I tillegg vil man kunne finne oversikt over reglemet og informasjon om rasens ferdigshetstester og trekkhundprøver

GIANT Alaskan Malamute - bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand 14000 - Rated 4.9 based on 8 Reviews lindissimo, temperamento docil e companheiro!! Naturalmente.. ALASKAN MALAMUTE PUPPIES FOR SALE IN INDIA, ALASKAN MALAMUTE Puppy for sale at best price in Mumbai We Deal in :- akita, caucasian shepherd, bea..., ALASKAN MALAMUTE Puppies for sale at best price in Mumbai , ## We Deal in Like :- caucasian shepherd..., ALASKAN MALAMUTE Puppies for sale at best price in Pune , ## We Deal in Like :- caucasian shepherd ALASKAN MALAMUTE Puppies for sale at. alaskan malamute / alaskan malamute puppies / alaskan malamute puppies for sale / alaskan malamute puppies for sale in NY / giant alaskan malamute puppies for sale in.

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Alaskan-malamute.nl ligger i , och är värd i det nätverk av . Starta en online-diskussion om alaskan-malamute.nl och skriv en recensio Sep 9, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Natalie Cronwald. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres We are a small home based Alaskan Malamute kennel in Northwestern Ontario. We actively show and work all our Alaskan Malamutes and they live with us like family. At TYOHNI Alaskan Malamutes we participate in activities in all seasons. This includes Conformation, Obedience, Agility, packing, sledding, skijoring and many other outdoor activities Lone Star Alaskan Malamutes,Breeder of Giant and Standard Pure Bred Alaskan Malamute puppies in Texas. We take pride in breeding quality Alaskan Malamute puppies. BRED TO WORK BORN TO LOVE. DAWN THORN 903-438-8794 903-366-1961 fax#903-439-1019: DCURRY2000@MSN.COM: AddMe - Search Engine Optimization

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Giant Alaskan Malamute Pups is located in Wallace city of California state. On the street of Oliveira Court and street number is 300. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (209) 763-5310 if you don't know how to go Giant Alaskan Malamute Pups click here.You can get more information from their website Apr 25, 2018 - Explore craffordmartins's board Giant Alaskan Malamute, followed by 950 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Malamute, Alaskan malamute, Giant alaskan malamute The Alaskan Malamute Dog: Giant Arctic Canines Dogs have always been closely related to Wolves, through physical appearances and genetic lineage. Hence it isn't surprising at all to find some Dog breeds resembling a Wolf, which in turn make them a remarkably elusive companion to have as a house Pet A giant Alaskan malamute was spotted accompanying its owner on a China Southern Airlines' plane from Beijing to Tokyo. The cute video, shot on the flight CZ4856 on January 22, shows the giant. ☛ Alaskan malamutes and giant Alaskan malamutes are not the same. A basic male malamute weighs around 80 to 85 pounds and the female records a weight of 60 to 65 pounds, whereas the giant malamute males weigh anything between 120 to 180 pounds, with the female weighing at approximately 100 to 110 pounds

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Giant Alaskan Malamute absolutely exist but many breeders say no. The Alaskan Malamute features a powerful, sturdy body built for stamina and strength.. Alaskan Malamutes are high-energy dogs, and therefore require vigorous exercise... Weight: 75 to 100 pounds. . Giant Maso Mastiff is originated from Germany but Alaskan Malamute is originated from United States. Giant Maso Mastiff may grow 6 cm / 3 inches higher than Alaskan Malamute. Giant Maso Mastiff may weigh 51 kg / 113 pounds more than Alaskan Malamute. Giant Maso Mastiff may live 3 years less than Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute puppies' price could range from just $500 to more than $3,000. Actually, the Alaskan Malamute price depends mainly on his/her color (red-white, black-white, brown-white), size (giant or standard) and his/her origin (AKC fully or limited registered) Alaskan Malamute Luverne, 5 males and 3 females Alaskan Malamute puppies available. They're born on Oct 26 and will be prepared for their new homes Dec 21. 200 deposit, 600 on pickup. 800 total They will be tested by our vet before they go to their new homes Giant Schnauzer may grow 6 cm / 3 inches higher than Alaskan Malamute. Giant Schnauzer may weigh 9 kg / 20 pounds more than Alaskan Malamute. Giant Schnauzer may live 3 years less than Alaskan Malamute. Both Giant Schnauzer and Alaskan Malamute has same litter size. Giant Schnauzer requires Moderate maintenance

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The standard weight for an Alaskan Malamute is 75-85 lbs. 23-25 inches at the shoulders.Giant Alaskan Malamutes are generally considered to be in the 100+ lb. Range. AKC Giant Alaskan malamutes are so much larger than standard, they can take up to three years t Hitta perfekta Alaskan Malamute bildbanker och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Ladda ned premiumbilder som du inte kan hitta någon annanstans The Alaskan Malamute was recognized by the AKC in 1935. Food / Diet. If you're going to feed your Alaskan Malamute a high-quality dry dog kibble, make sure that the first ingredient listed is meat. Feel free to mix up the flavors of the dog food - a variety of lamb, chicken, salmon or different ingredients is recommended We have made giant alaskan malamute sized photo albums and Video movie albums for your viewing pleasure throughout the site. Many images below are also clickable. Enjoy !! Available puppies now THE TRUE GENTLE GIANTS OF THE NORTH Tammy and Urs. Ottawa, Ontario . 613-443-2728 or emai The Alaskan Malamute is a large, active dog breed who was built to work. While the Alaskan Malamute dog does excellently in homes with other pets and children, he requires early socialization and obedience training to thrive. If you are looking into getting an Alaskan Malamute as a pet, keep in mind that he does shed and requires daily brushing


Jan 4, 2014 - Explore Emma Howard's board Giant Alaskan Malamute, followed by 300 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Giant alaskan malamute, Alaskan malamute, Malamute We talk Malamute vs. Husky. Comparing the appearance and characteristics of all the sled dogs, we give you a good idea of what to expect with each pooch. So, if you're set on a sled dog, come and learn about the Alaskan Malamute vs. Siberian Husky vs. Alaskan Husky to see who your new pet could be Find similarities and differences between Giant Schnauzer vs Alaskan Malamute. Compare Giant Schnauzer and Alaskan Malamute and {name3}. Which is better: Giant Schnauzer or Alaskan Malamute CHIZANA Janet Davidson Cranbourne 3977 Ph: 03 5998 2050 Mobile: 0429 981 585 Email:chizana1@bigpond.com www.malamute.com.au. SNOWSTEEDS E'vette Levett Box 7 Durham Ox 3576 Ph: 0427301043 Fax: 0354929293 Mobile: 042730104

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Giant Alaskan Malamute puppies due in early January. Both Dam & Sire are AKC registered and are on site. Sire is a... San Jacinto California Pets and Animals 1,200 $ View pictures. Purebreed Alaskan Malamute Pups We have a few left lovely giant Alaskan Malamutes. All our young puppies are. Alaskan malamute puppies for from vetted breeders miniature alaskan malamute puppies for goldenacresdogs alaskan malamute puppies for adoptapet alaskan malamute puppies for adoptapet miniature alaskan malamute puppies for goldenacresdogs 7 things to know before getting an alaskan malamute animalso alaskan malamute puppies picture of hellerkantri kehtna

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Alaskan Malamute Size. While the female ones have a height of 56-61 cm, the male ones have a height ranging between 61-66 cm. Weight of the female one's range between 32-39 kg while the male Alaskan Malamutes weigh between 36-43 kg. Alaskan Malamute Price. Usually the price of giant Alaskan Malamutes range between $2000 - $3500 Kc reg alaskan malamute puppies All wolf grey, I have 4 boys and 2 girls I am a licensed breeder and have been breeding Alaskans for a number of years now. More... 9 pets4homes.co.u Find Alaskan Malamute Dog and Puppy price in India which are up for sale. Get to know Alaskan Malamute Price as per the various factors and types like basic, KCI registered and Show Quality. After knowing the price, also read if Alaskan Malamute Dogs are suitable for you or not

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The Alaskan Malamute, one of the oldest Arctic sled dogs, is a powerful and substantially built dog with a deep chest and strong, well-muscled body. The Malamute stands well over the pads, and this stance gives the appearance of much activity and a proud carriage, with head erect and eyes alert showing interest and curiosity. The head is broad Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes ,Contact Us at 540-493-8049 Were Located in Bedford Virginia at 12908 Leesville Rd Lynch Station Virginia, Our Email is MountainRidgeAlaskanMalamutes@gmail.com Home,woolly Alaskan Malamutes,Mountain Ridge Giant Alaskan Malamutes,Alaskan malamute puppies for sale,Alaskan Malamute Breede Alaskan malamute puppies for sale Americanoutlet. This is a very beautiful alaskan malamute puppies they are giant in size ,i have 3 males. Alaskan Malamute, Michigan » Detroi Se detta bildbankfoto på Alaskan Malamute. Hitta högupplösta premium-bilder i Getty Images bibliotek Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies for sale from KingFisher's Alaskan Malamutes.We ship our puppies to all 50 states in the US, Contact us today! Our dogs are $2000.00 - $3000.00 Pricing will depend on the litter, coat, & gender. Black & white and Gray & White Female Puppies start at $2000 Black

Find giant Alaskan Malamute puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. It's also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix For Sale. If you choose to adopt a Malamute, you need to socialize him with people, other dogs, and pets at a young age. The Alaskan Malamute isn't for everybody only with the appropriate training, attention, and love it will earn a superb family pet. There has ever been a belief that he or she must be. Browse thru thousands of Alaskan Malamute Dogs for Adoption near in USA area, listed by Dog Rescue Organizations and individuals, to find your match. Showing: 1 - 7 of 7. Alaskan Malamute Dog for Adoption near Utah, Kanab, USA. ADN-340217. Sasha - Alaskan Malamute (medium coat) Dog For Adoption Come Meet Northern California Alaskan Malamute Association's Pets Due to the lack of foster homes we are forced to put our dogs in boarding kennels. We do arrange a meeting time for the dogs to be shown. Occassionally we will bring dogs to an adoption fair usually in the Fremont/San Jose area, but our. Apr 20, 2019 - Explore cider63's board Giant Alaskan Malamute on Pinterest. See more ideas about Alaskan malamute, Malamute, Giant alaskan malamute Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Owner Experience - Both the Alaskan Malamute and Giant Schnauzer are not recommended for new or inexperienced owners.; Children - Both the Alaskan Malamute and Giant Schnauzer are child friendly.; Grooming - The Giant Schnauzer requires moderate grooming, The Alaskan Malamute has very high grooming needs

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